2021 Gold Wing
Several months ago, after being told they weren't certain when another Gold Wing would be on the showroom floor, I spotted one on the Sloan's Weekly Favorites email. I called and left a message and was called back within ten minutes, maybe less. Since it was the color I wanted, I placed a down payment right then! Once the rain stopped, about five days later, I went to pick up my new ride! David Anderson had it all shined up and ready to go. Frank Poag and David McCormick also were very friendly and efficient and got me going asap. I have made several visits since then and everybody I have dealt with in the Parts and Service Departments were helpful and knowledgeable. I even got a handwritten note of thanks from the founder, Mr. Bill Sloan himself, thanking me for my business. This is one top flight organization! (Employee: David Anderson, Frank Poag, David McCormick)
Randy Rodehaver
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